is to share a better story about footwear, foot issues, and health in general.

You’re in control.

And it starts with your foundation.


We aim to make natural #image3 footwear approachable and accessible, to #image4 encourage and empower optimism, to cultivate a spirit of creativity #image5, and inspire deeper #image2 connection.


Original drawings from 2020 that were sent to a designer to start working on a tech pack to deliver to the factory.

Completed “tech-pack” was finished in late-Summer 2021. At this point we were ready to start working with the factory to begin the samples.

“The last comes first” is a phrase in shoemaking. We started with testing the file using a 3D printer to at the University of Denver in September of 2021.

Lasts are used to determine the shape of the shoe, so the next step was to have the factory make a production-ready, high density plastic last.

This was the first sample of the upper that was sent. We don't talk about it.

Continuing to work on revisions to upper. It may or may not surprise you to know that this shoe was completely designed using the Preview app on Mac.

This was the first actual shoe that was made. We were really happy with the progress and felt like it was finally getting close to what we wanted.

We finally got white samples in May 2022. We’d been asking for these for months, but the factory wanted to wait until we were closer on the finished design.

This all started at the University of Denver. This is from our 2017 National Championship. We wore the Trail Minimus to train in.

Final samples getting photographed in August 2022, getting ready for launch. At this point the first order was being manufactured.

First shipment arrived December 13, 2022 marking the official launch. The original order was for 1000 white and 1000 black pairs.

Initial pre-orders being picked up and sent out by one of the MVP’s of Tolos, Sharon. To this day she picks up orders everyday including on Saturdays.

Shipment #2 arrived in February 2023. This pair had an upgraded rubber sole and improved glue to help with delamination.

Shipment #3 got rained out but everything was covered and safe. We’d been sold out for several months and the restock was the busiest day in Tolos history.

November 2023, 2.0s ready to go. Lots of innovation in the pipeline.

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